Orchidex ARC 3x6 F-HP

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Orchidex ARC 3x6 F-HP


Orchidex ARC 3x6 F-HP is a highly efficient versatile firefighting foam for protection of a wide range of Class B flammable liquid hazards. Orchidex ARC 3x6 F-HP is an all synthetic film forming foam designed for protection of water soluble polar solvents as well as water insoluble hydrocarbon flammable liquids. When used with fresh, sea, or brackish water and foam generating equipment, Orchidex ARC 3x6 F-HP forms a vapour-blanketing foam with excellent extinguishing and securing abilities. The effectiveness of Orchidex ARC 3x6 F on a wide range of flammable liquids and ordinary combustibles can eliminate the need to stock a variety of firefighting agents.

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